These boots are made for walking… Best boot buys for larger than average size feet

These boots are made for walking…

Best boot buys for larger than average size feet


Research shows that as generations of women grow taller and heavier, our feet have got larger. Today, the average female’s feet are one-and-a-half sizes bigger than ten years ago. And yet, despite the 80% increase in the number of woman taking a size nine, shops have been slow to catch on. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman (size 9), Paris Hilton (9), Macy Gray (10) are sole sisters in the big feet department whilst Kate Winslet (9), Uma Thurman (9) and Elle McPherson (91/2) also all have larger than average feet.  Yet even today, being fashion-conscious and large of foot isn’t easy.  If you’re a size 9 or above you can often be relegated to the clearance section with it’s mismatched sandals and no-name brands.



Cinderella Shoes brings a seamless shoe shopping solution with a vast variety of larger sizes including 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 with boots, ankle boots, flats, wedges, low heels, high heels, wedges, orthopaedic shoes, sandals and even trainers.  As the chill of winter closes in, every woman knows that a hot pair of boots is a definite winter wardrobe essential.  Boots are a timeless piece that never go out of style, are great for almost every occasion, and can be worn repeatedly IF you buy the right kind, the kind that fits comfortably and is just your size!


Whether you prefer to have ankle boots, mid-calf high or knee high there are optimal choices that will complement your body shape.  You also need to consider your heel height wisely.  For casual day-to-day occasions, flat boots will be a more practical option than their high-heeled counterparts, while for fancier looks, high-heeled booties are definitely a stylish, show stopping option.  This month we have top tips from Cinderella Shoes and best boot buys for larger than average size feet:


  1. Wedge boots:these are one of the more popular styles and are relatively easy to style, plus, they also suit slimmer shapes, or wider, and suit curvier shapes. Wedges are mostly designed to equally distribute the body weight throughout the foot thus giving an increased height for a more feminine look. It balances out thick ankles and calves, and are flattering to the leg.  Top pick is a fashionable taupe wedge boot at €110 pictured below.


  1. Heeled boots:for a more charming and elegant look, heeled boots are best to choose whether with chunky or sharp heels. Cone heels can work on many shapes as they have some sturdiness, while stiletto heels with their long slim spindly shape are best for slimmer body shapes and those with slim calves and ankles. Stacked heels are better for those with the feminine curvy hip and thigh and curvier calves and ankles. Top pick is a luxurious leather ankle heeled boot at €189 pictured below.


  1. Flat boots: Many women with larger than average size feet are also blessed with height and therefore can really wear these stylish flat boots very well. Its payback time in the comfort department!  Flat boots are perfect for casual wear and look gorgeous to pair with any outfit you want. The tan coloured leather riding boots from Cinderella Shoes are very much on trend and look expensive and classy. Top pick is a versatile long black boot at €145 pictured below.



  1. Ankle Boots: Ankle boots work really well with curvier calves and ankles.  Ankle booties and boots are perfect for sporting that chic Parisian look and make it easier to move around.  Match the boots with the colour of the bottom (ex. black ankle booties with black or dark blue skinny jeans or leggings, tan boots on tan skin, black against dark opaque tights, etc.). Avoid mixing contrasting colors such as black on white as it will visually cut your legs in half. Top pick is a grey Chelsea style boot at €100 pictured below.


  1. Snow Boots / Fur Boots: The trend started with Uggs and then morphed into a super stylish winter look with some beautiful faux fur trimmings and luxurious shearling fur lining. These boots are the ultimate in foot pampering! Top pick is the Foxy Shearling Short boots by Australia Luxe at €355


Cinderella Shoes, the online shoe retailer specialising in shoes for women who take a size 8 and bigger was established over fifteen years ago and is Ireland’s leading provider of larger than average shoes.  Now under new management, the brand has a fresh new look and mobile friendly website for shopping on the go.  Cinderella Shoes is an Irish Company with a Global audience and ships to its customers worldwide including Zimbabwe, America, Pakistan, Dubai, Japan and India.  The store currently operates online but due to customer demand a new show room is open every Saturday from10am to 2pm at Allenwood Enterprise Park, Co Kildare. See


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