Try Me! Pioneering new Solus ‘Retail Experience’ is a Bright Idea for Morris’s Waterford

A light bulb moment

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Leading Irish lighting company Solus have just launched their pioneering new Retail Experience display solution in Morris’s Waterford.  Mum Dawn and daughter Ali McGrath were the first to drop by to press the ‘try me’ buttons and see the unit in action.  For most people, the need to trial a product before making the purchase is still very compelling. These innovative new high level display solutions allow customers to press a button to ‘try me’ and see exactly what the light bulbs look like when lit in various surroundings.


Experiential Marketing it’s all about exciting people’s mind. It’s a type of brand messaging which aims to create memorable sensations and emotional attachment.  The new Solus Retail Experience display stands are both interactive and informative.  There are up to 8 bays but the size of the display can be tailored to the space available and the design and production is of the highest quality.  After over a year of research and design, Solus found that customers were often overwhelmed by the complexity of choice in the light bulb sector with lots of different considerations including wattage, fitting, product type, energy benefits and more.


The new Solus Retail Experience displays predict and answer user’s questions in a simple friendly way. The customer is brought on a journey with clear visuals and descriptions from Halogen and LED to the new premium Solus XCross™ Filament LED range.  Various shapes including the classic bulb, candle, reflectors, round and fluorescent each have their own wattage guide and fitting options be it bayonet or screw fit.  The interactive ‘try me’ stations is a pioneering move and a first for the lighting sector as customers can see exactly what the bulb looks like when lit in a familiar room setting.


Solus is an Irish owned company that has been established for over eighty years and now supports 63 jobs in Ireland. Nominated for two national awards this year, the company is constantly investing in new product development, pioneering ‘Retail Experience’ displays and the manufacturing and application of innovative lighting solutions including next generation LEDs.  Solus is committed to providing a complete range of energy saving lighting products for all applications possible. This has enabled consumers to be confident in knowing that they can rely on Solus to supply their lighting needs well into the future at competitive prices.



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