The light bulb you loved has just been invented

Irish company Solus is the guiding light into the future with the new

XCross™ Filament LED bulb


The traditional 60 watt light bulb that lit our homes in the past has now been re-invented by Irish lighting company Solus with new XCrossTM Filament technology.  Extensive research revealed that customers never fully embraced new product offerings since the old incandescent light bulbs were replaced by new energy efficient alternatives in 2008.  The huge 80% energy savings were most welcome but that natural, warm, instant light of the old incandescent bulb was missed.  Solus next generation LED bulb with XCrossTM filament design creates a compact 360 degree light source that looks and lights just like an incandescent bulb.  It works just how you would expect it: instant light, using up to 87% less energy, with a natural, warm light and up to 15,000 hours lifespan.


According to latest research, 50% – 80% of people use light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder.  To prevent winter blues, exposure to daylight, or very bright, full-spectrum light can give people relief.  A 40 year old needs 3 times more light than a 20 year old person whilst an 80 year old needs 5 times more light than a 20 year old person.  As our eyes age, less light actually gets to the retina to stimulate the nerves so more light is required


The classic looking next generation XCrossTM Filament LED bulbs from Solus generates a 360 degree surround natural and warmer light and the light is instant with no time delay.  The bulbs retail at €12.99 but soon pay for themselves with a saving of approximately €157 over the lifetime of the bulb with the highest standards of energy efficiency.


Solus has successfully managed the conversion from old incandescent bulbs to halogen, and now to new LED’s by introducing a new customer friendly wattage guide in-store and on each pack.  Solus have also invested heavily into their packaging with an easy to understand chart, helpful clear explanations and examples of lighting conditions.  There is now a very extensive range of both halogen and LED Solus lighting solutions for every light fitting from €3.  Solus bulbs are built to cover all the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001, they are active participants in the Energy Savings Trust and are members of WEEE Ireland and Repack.


Solus is an Irish owned company that has been established for over eighty years and now supports 63 jobs in Ireland.  Solus has been at the forefront of technology and lighting in Irish homes since electricity was first introduced in 1935. Today, the company is a strong as ever with a proud Irish heritage of innovation and forward thinking. Solus are exporting into niche markets in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain and now sell one light bulb every six seconds.  The company is constantly investing in new product development and the manufacturing & application of innovative lighting solutions including next generation LEDs.



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